I have started a Texas Photo Project to show off some of the many things you can see in Texas.

Over the last year, I have traveled around Texas to see some of the things  that really make Texas what it is. Until you live here, I do not think you can really appreciate what it means to be in Texas.

On a recent trip into the pan handle of Texas,  I got to visit Palo Duro Canyon. If you have not seen or heard of this little gem, I highly recommend it.

Lookout Point
Palo Duro Canyon - Canyon Road -
Palo Duro Canyon - Passage of Time -
Palo Duro Canyon - Windmill Sunset - 11X 17
Palo Duro Canyon - Ovewrwatch -
Caprock Canyon - Valley of Green - web
Caprock Canyon - Buffalo
Caprock Canyon - Momma and Daughter
Family Time - web

Every family has "Family Time"

Painted Cow - web

Just like all people, Cows come in all shapes and sizes.