What the heck is Azure Kubernetes Service?

Today we are looking at what AKS is anyway. With more and more applications going to containers instead of servers, it is important to know what infrastructure is needed and how it all ties together. https://youtu.be/kjRIbIRiRa4

Azure Network Security

Once we start running workloads in Azure, there will always be the question of security. Azure provides methods for the customer to manage security on the vNets and other resources. By default VM’s when created are locked down to block all incoming traffic. Let’s look at how this is done. Network security groups Virtual networks …

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Azure Networking

Welcome back to the rabbit hole! Today we are looking at how networking is handled in Azure. Come join me as we explain how traffic is flowing. https://youtu.be/1vtw8JoI458 Check out the documentation from the video Routing preference in Azure | Microsoft DocsAzure Virtual Network peering | Microsoft DocsMicrosoft global network - Azure | Microsoft DocsDiagram …

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The Magic of Kubernetes

Kubernetes or k8s is one of those things we always hear about but does not always come into our daily work. In theory it sounds great, build some containers and deploy or run your applications in them. So why not just use a container service or just a virtual machine to accomplish the same thing? …

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Device Management in the new normal

Since we have seen a massive change in the number of people that are working remotely in today's world, let's look at how we are going to deal with that. Since Covid-19 has pushed more and more people into a remote working situation a lot of companies have had to scramble to find a way …

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