What do I do?

I strive everyday to find new ways to look at life. Have you ever been walking and some mundane thing that you see everyday just catches your attention?

Well, I want to bring that mundane thing out and make me people stop the mad rush of their lives and see it for the first time.

My Story

I traveled the world with the U.S. Military and got to see some amazing places, and some things that I would never forget. After I came back to the world, I realized how much I had lost by not capturing all those things in photographs.

Now when I am out and about or just going to the store down the street you will find me with my camera.

I enjoy the time I have behind the camera and love seeing someone’s face when they light up seeing my work. I live in Texas, and have traveled all over the United States and Asia. I travel as much as I can and love the time I get to travel. When I am home you will find me scouring the back roads and rural areas discovering the majestic beauty that is inherent in our everyday lives.

Grab your camera and join me for a trip down the rabbit hole